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Submitted on
February 23, 2006


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In the last Guide we talked about how to successfully submit a Help Desk inquiry, this time we will discuss all the help methods available to you.

When you are having trouble and need help these can be frustrating times, even more so frustrating if you get redirected someplace else. Below we will go over exactly where to receive help for each issue that may arise, so you can receive help as quickly as possible.  

:fella: adCAST Issues: Have questions about your adCAST package? Wondering what adcAST is in general? If so you can reach the folks who handle adCAST related inquiries by emailing . There is also answers to Campaign Questions, Content Questions and General Questions in the deviantART FAQ.

:fella: Ban Inquiry: Are you banned and looking for an explanation as to why, or the length of time? This information may be found by visiting your user page and viewing the ban ticker located on the right hand top side. Not satisfied by the answer you located or wish to dispute your ban? You may contact the Help Desk and your inquiry will be sent up to the Copyright and Etiquette Team for review.  

:fella: Bug Reports: Discovered a possible bug? Have no fear and submit an inquiry to the Help Desk Team. (If submitting a Bug Report, please be sure to be as detailed as possible. If something is only happening on a certain browser or computer, be sure to include this in your report.)

:fella: deviantWEAR Issues: Has your order not arrived? Do you have questions regarding deviantWEAR? If so shoot an email to

:fella: deviantART Login: This category is a pretty simple one. This one has to do with any problems you may have logging into your account. Forgotten your password? Instructions on how to obtain it can be obtained by emailing (Please note: If your account has been taken over by someone else, you will need to email

:fella: FAQ: The deviantART FAQ contains answers to many questions one can have about deviantART.     

:fella: Forums: Helpful information on current deviantART issues or updates can be located in the deviantART Status Forum .

:fella: Gallery Section Addition: Are we missing any overall genres? Missing any sections for skins for specific programs? You can suggest their addition to the Artists Relations Team through the Help Desk.

:fella: General Help: Do you have problems submitting a deviation? Need clarification on avatars? Need help in adding things to your favorites? These are just some of the questions belonging to this category. If none of the other categories are specific in relation to your request, then chances are it belongs here. The Help Desk, Official #help channel, FAQ, deviantART Status Forum or deviantART Help Forum are the places you want to go to for answers on such questions.

:fella: Harassment: Need to report a case of harassment or general abuse? You may do so at the Help Desk and your inquiry will be passed up to the Copyright and Etiquette Team. (Be sure to include links to particular cases of misconduct as the Copyright and Etiquette Team will require proof to act. Also include the username or link to the deviant's user page.)

:fella: Live Help: Want live help? Have no fear and hop on the dAMN messaging network and join deviantART's official #help channel. Available to you 24/7!

:fella: Policy Inquiry: Has one of your pieces been removed by staff and you're curious as to why? You can request an explanation by contacting the Copyright and Etiquette Team through the Help Desk. (If one of your pieces has been moved to another section, you may contact the Artist Relations Team for an explanation through the Help Desk.)

:fella: Prints Help: For all prints related inquiries, please direct questions to the Prints Customer Care Desk and the Prints Team will be happy to assist you. This will ensure the most swift and accurate response to your query.

:fella: Prints Suggestions: Think something is lacking from the Prints Program? You have two places to get your ideas heard. The first is by contacting the Prints Customer Care Desk. The second option you have is posting your idea in the Prints Suggestions Forum.

:fella: Report Violation Button: Found a piece that is against our Submission Policy? You may use the 'Report Violation Link' next the artists comments on the deviation to bring it to the attention of the appropriate admins. (This link should also be used if you found a gallery miss categorization.)

If you you do not have an account and wish to report a violation you may do so by emailing

:fella: Site Suggestions: Think something is lacking from deviantART? You have two places to get your ideas heard. The first is by contacting the Help Desk using the 'Site Suggestion' category. The second option you have is by posting your idea in the Suggestions Forum.

:fella: Subscription Issues: Need a refund? Made an error while subscribing? Have a question regarding subscriptions? No problem! You can reach the accounting staff through the Help Desk or shoot an email to


I hope you have found the following information helpful. :)

Previous Guides may be found here.

Stay tuned for the next Guide! (How to: Submit a Harassment Report)

Much :love:,
The Help Desk Team
hexentanz , ewm
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yay! Now I don't have to feel stupid anymore!
i get the 200th comment! :D
dareman1 Mar 5, 2006
Thanks for making my experience here a whole lot easier.
ketty443 Mar 5, 2006  Student
How can i submit my own user avatar? :community:
ketty443 Mar 5, 2006  Student
how can i upload my user avatar?
Thanks for that very useful guide! I greatly appreciated!
Hy!!! It.s my CubixGrimson89.Hu are jou?
Jou are beutiful!!
:iconcubixgrimson89: not help jou!Sorry!
i need psychological help
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